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Inventory Management

  • PPS has the largest inventories of disk drives, tape drives, pcba's, power supplies, Sun, Digital, Seagate, monitors, and a variety of other products.
  • We utilize our inventories to provide quick "just in time" inventory for your maintenance or add-on requirements
  • We manage your inventory, plan your requirements & guarantee deliveries of certain products as required.

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Inventory Management Disk Drives

        PPS provides a one stop source for all your disk drive needs. We build inventories of specific drives and manage the inventory to meet your demand. We have over 10,000 drives in stock, which we use to provide quick deliveries on purchases,repairs or exchanges of your disk drive needs. We can process your defective returns, minimize your handling, track warranty, and do your planning. We offer "warranty pass thru" to Seagate, Fujitsu, Western Digital and other manufacturers. With PPS handling your drive requirements you will reduce your handling and logistics cost required to support your disk drive requirements. Additionally we will improve your turnaround and reduce inventory needed in support of your field requirements.

Inventory Management Tape Drives

        Similar to disk drive inventory management PPS is a one stop source for all tape drive requirements, including tape drives, tape loaders and tape libraries. We carry large inventories of Exabytes, HP, Quantum, Digital and Sony products. This inventory is used to provide our customers with quick deliveries on a wide variety of products. The result will be you need to carry less inventory, and turnaround on repairs or lead-time for purchases are quick. We can manage your defective returns and repair products to a planning schedule, to insure product is available when you need it. One additional benefit of PPS managing your inventory, is our ability to track and get you warranties from the manufacturer. This pass thru warranty is important & will save you on material expenses in the future. With PPS managing and handling your tape drive requirements, service will improve and your cost of logistics will be reduced.

Inventory Management Monitors

        Specializing in Digital, IBM and SUN monitors we can offer repair and exchange programs that will reduce your inventories, reduce your freight cost and improve the quality of repair. PPS refurbishes all monitors insuring there are no screen burns, and the units are cleaned and repainted if required. All monitors are brought up to revision where appropriate, and they are packaged to insure they can handle shipment back to your field site. We have 1000's of Sun, Digital and IBM monitors in stock for quick exchanges or to swap out during normal repair. All monitors can be shipped to & from your field location and we can guarantee to carry certain products in stock for immediate delivery. Give us a call and improve your monitor logistics and reduce cost in the process.

Inventory Management Other Products

        PPS can develop specific inventory management programs to meet your logistics needs. Whether it is direct field returns, inventory planning, direct field shipments, or world wide shipments. PPS can help you improve product flow and reduce costs. We can warehouse your defectives and repair your product as required to fill your demand. We will provide complete logistic suppport, inventory support and repair support, on any of your part requirements. Please contact us so we can develop a logistics plan that will improve your inventory management and lower associated costs.

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