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PPS offers complete Logistic support to our customers.
Some of the services include.
Peripheral Parts Support
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             We can receive defective returns directly from your field locations. We
process material directly back to your field location, back to a central warehouse
or we inventory your finished product on our shelves.
          We can take over all material handling for you,eliminating a need to process
defectives in a central warehouse. By allowing PPS to process your defectives, material will be turned around quicker and you will reduce labor expense.

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             As part of logistic support offered by PPS we will provide inventory planning,
stocking of inventory, and replenishment of inventory. We plan inventory levels and carry sufficient inventory to insure we have products on the shelf to meet our customers demand. For products we support our goal is to carry 2 to 3 months in stock. This buffer inventory enables us to provide you with "just in time" inventory of parts and peripherals, needed in support of your equipment. For information on Inventory Management.

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            As part of our receiving process of defectives, we identify warranties that fall
within our warranty period or products that fall under the manufacturers warranty period. If a part fails within our warranty period you will receive a N/C warranty repair or exchange from PPS. If the part is under OEM warranty, we pass thru the warranty to the manufacturers and provide it back to you at no charge. As a Seagate customer service distributor and an Exabyte reseller we can process all warranties you have, for these two manufacturers on your behalf, as part of an overall repair program.

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             As an Authorized Seagate Customer Service Distributor. PPS provides pass thru warranty on all Seagate products that fall under Seagate's warranty. We identify warranties for our customers and send drives back to Seagate at no charge under warranty. If PPS handles all your Seagate drive requirements, you receive all warranties without having to handle and process defectives. For more info on Seagate model numbers and drive listing (click here)

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             As an Exabyte Authorized Reseller PPS can process all warranties to
Exabyte for our customers whether it is a ELIANT, a MAMMOTH or any other Exabyte product. We identify products that fall within Exabytes warranty period and process the material to Exabyte for you at no charge. This service covers all tape drives, tape libraries or any other Exabyte products. For all Exabyte products repaired by PPS, we offer a 6 month warranty. If a product fails within this warranty period we will attempt to exchange the drive immediately from inventory.

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