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Western Digital Disk Drives

PPS sells and repairs all Western Digital
disk drive products. We can sell out of production drives, up to current production
100+GB drives.
  • Quick deliveries
  • Competitive prices
  • Extended warranties
Authorized Seagate Customer Service Distributor

Peripheral Parts Support
219 Bear Hill Rd.
Waltham,MA 02451

Western Digital
Part Number
Western Digital
Alt Number
Western Digital
Part Number
AC11000 WDAC11000 WD100AA
AC11200 WDAC11200 WD100BA
AC11600 WDAC11600 WD100BB
AC1170 WDAC1170 WD102AA
AC1210 WDAC1210 WD102BA
AC12100 WDAC12100 WD102BB
AC12500 WDAC12500 WD102EB
AC1270 WDAC1270 WD135AA
AC13200 WDAC13200 WD135BA
AC1365 WDAC1365 WD135BB
AC140 WDAC140 WD136AA
AC14200 WDAC14200 WD136BA
AC14300 WDAC14300 ------------
AC1425 WDAC1425 WD136BB
AC160 WDAC160 WD153AA
AC21000 WDAC21000 WD153BA
AC210200 WDAC210200 WD153BB
AC2120 WDAC2120 WD172AA
AC21200 WDAC21200 WD181AA
AC21600 WDAC21600 WD183F
AC2170 WDAC2170 WD200AA
AC21700 WDAC21700 WD200BA
AC2200 WDAC2200 WD204AA
AC2200 WDAC2200 WD204BA
AC22000 WDAC22000 WD204BB
AC22100 WDAC22100 WD204EB
AC2250 WDAC2250 WD205AA
AC22500 WDAC22500 WD205BA
AC23200 WDAC23200 WD205BB
AC2340 WDAC2340 WD226AA
AC2420 WDAC2420 WD272AA
AC24200 WDAC24200 WD273BA
AC24300 WDAC24300 WD300AA
AC25100 WDAC25100 WD307AA
AC2540 WDAC2540 WD43AA
AC26200 WDAC26200 WD450AA
AC2635 WDAC2635 WD51AA
AC26400 WDAC26400 WD64AA
AC2700 WDAC2700 WD68BA
AC280 WDAC280 WD75AA
AC28200 WDAC28200 WD75DA
AC28400 WDAC28400 WD82AA
AC2850 WDAC2850 WD84AA
AC29100 WDAC29100 WD84EB
AC31000 WDAC31000 WD91AA
AC310100 WDAC310100 WD91F
AC310200 WDAC310200 WDE18300
AC31200 WDAC31200 WDE18310
AC313000 WDAC313000 WDE2170
AC315300 WDAC315300 WDE4360
AC31600 WDAC31600 WDE4550
AC32100 WDAC32100 WDE9100 Ultra
AC32500 WDAC32500 WDE9100 Ultra 2
AC33100 WDAC33100 WDE9150
AC33200 WDAC33200 WDE9180
AC34000 WDAC34000 ------------
AC34200 WDAC34200 ------------
AC34300 WDAC34300 ------------
AC35100 WDAC35100 ------------
AC36400 WDAC36400 ------------
AC38400 WDAC38400 ------------
AC418000 WDAC418000 ------------
AC420400 WDAC420400 ------------
AC42AA WDAC42AA ------------

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